Project Semicolon ;

Project Semicolon ;

Just got my semicolon ; tattoo a few weeks ago down in Cedar City at Macks Tattoo Shop. I have a total of three tattoos now however being that I have multiple mental health disorders and struggle with uncontrollable, horrible depression this is by far my favorite and the most important one I have. I first found out about Project Semicolon from my husband Jon about two months ago when he was scrolling through Facebook and I just fell in love with it and the meaning of it and had to get one for myself.

For those that don’t know, Project Semicolon (The Semicolon Project) is a faith-based non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury. Project Semicolon exists to encourage, love and inspire.

A semicolon ; is where you could have ended a sentence but decided to keep going. I chose to get my semicolon ; tattoo on my wrist and in black ink so that it stands out to me in my moments of darkness. I want to remember the day I got it with my husband and girls supporting me, I want to remember why I got it, to keep on living for the once in a lifetime moments because they do happen and when they occur they are beautiful and definitely worth the wait.

To some this is nothing more than a fad or trend that will blow over soon like bell bottom jeans or boys with spiked bleached tips but to others like myself the semicolon ; is a sign of hope, strength and support, besides anything that supports awareness for mental health and suicide is good in my book. Does anyone else have a semicolon tattoo? please feel free to share yours and the story behind it on my Facebook page. I cant wait to see them and hear all of your testimonies behind it.

If you would like more information on Project Semicolon (The Semicolon Project) please click the link provided


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  1. Ness
    Ness says:

    Brilliant web site although I don’t have my semi colon yet it is on the agenda can’t wait to be part of the semi colon family I will be oh so proud to display mine… Keep up the good work on the site it’s great x

  2. Ievonne
    Ievonne says:

    i am so incrediably proud of you Sweetie! You have become such an accomplished person! Not only being a wife and mother but a very talented photographer and now sharing your wisdom of mental health issues with others! So glad your our baby girl! Love you

  3. Jon
    Jon says:

    I Love that you got this Tattoo! Your story is far from over and this tattoo/post will help other people that might struggle with issues of depression or suicidal thought. You’re A Light To All Of Us! #ProjectSemicolon


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