Founder/ Photographer/ Blogger

My name is Jade Harris, I am a Mental Health Advocate, Photographer, and Blogger; I am living with Bipolar Disorder, PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. When I first started Manic Depictions I just wanted to have a place to share my photography. Photography encourages and expresses me and my mental health disorders. Somewhere along the way though I found Manic Depictions true identity. I found it in encouraging and supporting fellow disordered minds.

I want to show those that are suffering from Mental Health Disorders that we are mentally capable of having goals and dreams and even achieving them. I want to the educate the uneducated on what it means to have a Mental Health Disorder. I want to inspire and encourage people to reach out for help and to share their story with a community that really needs the reassurance and validation that comes with knowing that we aren’t alone.

When I’m not busy being Manic Depictions, they call me Wife and Mom. If it were not for the amazing support system I have at home I would have never had the courage to start Manic Depictions.

The love of my life (My Hubby) I appreciate everything this man does for me, from picking me up coffee to dragging my depressed butt out of bed and on a hike so that maybe he can see me smile. Jon is the ultimate goober, I was originally attracted to him because he was unique and confident in whom he was, he is still very much so that man today and even more.

He has a way with children especially our own that can be intoxicating to watch, and the way he cares for me is just plain selfless. We don’t have the perfect marriage, let’s face it I have a few Mental Health issues, I am a pain in the Butt and well he is a man and not built to handle 3 trillion emotions coming from me at once.

What we do have is an understanding though, that through it all we Love each other and made a commitment to stick it out through thick and thin. Neither one of us is willing to give up the great times just because we have some rough times, what marriage doesn’t? Jon Harris truly is my knight in shining armor, my prince charming, my happily ever after in this chaotic world.

My intelligent princess only 7 but with the mentality of a 12-year-old, Let me start off by saying that this child literally would do anything for just about anyone. She loves the satisfaction of thinking about others first. She is always insisting that her baby sister get something before her or that the girl behind her in line for the swing goes first. Not only is she caring, she is smart, very smart.

School comes easy to her for the most part and she make’s friends pretty easily too. Although she is very intelligent my sweet girl can lack in common sense at times making for either a good laugh or a frustrated mommy, if I’m going to be honest.

Sage amazes me every day, if it’s not her huge heart it’s what her technical brain is coming up with, she can say the silliest things and then turn around and astound me with something I didn’t even know. Sage’s new found loves are photography and gymnastics, this girl is so creative and at times wild but that’s why I love her and ultimately she is my little BFF. I’m so proud to be her mommy!

My sweet little Hailey bug, oh how much I enjoy this feisty little mini me. At  3 she has so much personality, like SO MUCH! I adore watching her explore the world around her and looking to her big sister for everything she doesn’t already understand on her own.

Although Hailey looks up to Sage, she is actually quite different. There is a reason I call Hailey my mini me, she has her mommies knack for getting into trouble. She can be so trying some days but always worth it.

She can trigger my anxiety in a way that I didn’t even know was possible but all it takes is an “I love you mere (more) mommy” and a “miss”(kiss) from those puckered lips and I feel a flood of overwhelming love and joy rush over me. Hailey is a mommies girl for sure, she is always wanting to snuggle or follow me around, watching me with those baby blues. Hailey completes our little family.