Survivor Stories

If you have a Mental Health Disorder, then you more than likely have a story or two to share on the matter. Maybe you just have some tips on how you accept and live with the diagnosis on a daily basis.

Maybe you are just in need of a place to share your story so you don’t explode. Either way, this page is for you and dedicated to allowing you to share your story online for the world to see, for you to see and to help others better understand how unique and amazing we all are.

We would love if you would like to share your story, including pictures, with us below so we can publish it here. Please note, that if you would like to remain anonymous please just type anonymous for your name and send a picture of something pertaining to the story rather than and personal picture. If no picture is sent then we will choose one for you that fits the story.

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Army Vet with PTSD
Confessions of a depressed comic
photo by manic depictions of mammoth creek