Photography Is My Art Therapy

Photography Is My Art Therapy

Jade Harris working on her photography skills with her Nikon in black and white.Nature Photography gives me peace when my mind is beyond chaos. When I get out there in nature, just me and my camera, I feel as if I can breathe for the first time in a long time. I feel like the world goes from black and white to vivid color when I am manic, and the opposite when I am severely depressed. I try and depict my emotions through photography, hence the name Manic Depictions.

I use Manic Depictions and my photography as an outlet to express myself and to get out of my cabin. I, like many other people suffering from Mental Health Disorders, sometimes have a tendency to not leave my home for a period of time. Although it feels like the only option at times, I know it’s not healthy to stay home all the time. I know that I need to push myself when I am depressed to try and do something I usually would enjoy and understand my limits when I am feeling more on the manic side. It’s hard to enjoy anything when you are severely depressed but I know I need to try.

Jade Harris loving her life of photography

I feel that photography is so helpful to my mental health because it allows me to safely express myself, regardless of the mental state that I’m in. sometimes when I am either angry, depressed, stressed out, anxious, or overwhelmed a camera in my hand can recenter my mind. It’s the getting out of the house part that I struggle with. When I manage to motivate myself enough, I will go out shooting beautiful nature scenes for hours before I realize the time. Time escapes me and nature calms my soul. When I am hurt or angry, photography will sooth me and when I’m feeling down on myself it brings me a small sense of self-pride.

Photography is my art form, It’s my therapy and It’s all based off how my beautifully disordered mind sees this planet; Vivid or Bleak! So far I have only photographed Duck Creek Village, Utah and surrounding areas. However, I plan to expand my portfolio further as my children grow up and we take more family trips. I also plan to blog about those trips along with any goals I meet along the way.

Jade Harris showing off her very first canvas printI do it all in hopes that it will inspire someone else to try to reach their dreams and goals as well, mental health disorder or not. Believe me, If I can accomplish my Goals by taking it one day at a time with my Mental Health Disorders, then so can you. It’s just about trying when you can and knowing your limitations when you can’t or shouldn’t.

Photography is my Art Therapy, what’s yours?

Jade Harris rocking her photographyJade Harris doing what she loves

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