Bryce Canyon with Ma and Pa

Bryce Canyon was really cool! The last time I was there, my husband and I were just dating. So when my husband’s parents came out to visit our cabin in Duck Creek for a two week vacation, which was full of laughs and fond memories of hikes, scenic drives and chicken foot (dominoes), we decided to go and visit Bryce Canyon which is only about an hour from where I live. It was just as beautiful as the last time, so I took the opportunity to take my camera out and capture some of the beautiful landscapes that Bryce has to offer. The conditions weren’t really ideal for photography being that it was the middle of the day and not many clouds in the sky but I’m still pleased with a few images.

I think my absolute favorite part of the whole excursion was getting to watch my 6 year old daughter Sage get so engaged in photography and the beauty that nature offers through still images. She already has such a passion and eye for photography that it makes my heart smile even if it’s only on daddy’s old iPhone. Overall it was a fun family trip full of happy memories that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

To see the Pictures I took while we were in Bryce Canyon, Click on the link below and don’t forget to leave a comment on your favorite!

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