Levi’s Hope for Brain Balance

  Since the time that Levi could walk I knew there was something unique about him. As he grew and the years passed everyday seemed to be a struggle when it came to his behavior. It was as if his mind was on fire and there was no water to put it out…ever.  Levi was constantly getting into trouble at school and being sent home from daycare. Normal disciplinary actions seemed pointless and as a single mom I began to feel like I was failing him. Some days it seemed like he was a superhero and had no control over his super powers.

Last year Levi was diagnosed the ADHD and aspergers. I was relieved to finally start a path for his well being. However, I did not want his diagnoses to become a label. I knew he just needed help to grow and now I could finally start looking for answers. As much as family and friends pushed, medications were not an option. After all, my son has the potential to be a super hero. I did not want to take his powers away, I just wanted to teach him how to control them.

If you would like to help out Levi or just read more about Levi’s Hope for Brain Balance please click the link Below:

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