The Hike Of Our Lives

Well Sunday June 7th my husband and i got a wild hair up our butt on the way back up cedar mountain and ended up going on a 7 mile death hike with our two girls at crystal springs off the 14 near Cedar City Utah. I say death hike because it got pretty steep at a few points and we were not prepared. I was in my tony lama cow boy boots and Jon was in flat top vans but do you think that we let this stop us, no way, we pressed on and had great time scouting some new locations for me to come back with my Nikon, we explored and showed the girls some pretty neat things until we realized that we had been going down hill the whole time and were going to have to carry our two kids back up these moderately steep trails.

At this point we had already been on the trail for about an hour and a half and when we looked back and up at what was next we both wanted to cry, not really but I thought it sound good, however we were definitely not thrilled. That’s when the kids started fusing about how tired they were and how hungry (Hungie as my 2 year pronounces it) and that’s when we new that the hike back up was going to be very LONG. We started back up towards the jeep and carried and practically dragged our children for another hour and a half about 3.5 miles one-way so 7 miles all together. We eventually made it back to the car and home, some lessons learned like hiking shoes are a must and maybe even considering a fanny pack haha, however continuing to take family hikes and teaching my girls the beauty of nature.