Coffee, My Sweet Obsession

Coffee mug

I love coffee, it makes me happy! Almost every morning I wake up and go for my favorite mug and brew my favorite coffee, blueberry muffin Dunkin Donuts with half and half and no sugar. Its my favorite part of the morning its filled with snuggles from my girls and conversation with my love while he cooks us breakfast and I drink my coffee. Even on my bad days I love coffee, on those days my husband will make it for me and then come pull my sad butt out of bed and downstairs to drink it and snuggle which helps just knowing that he cares so much for me.

I didn’t always drink my coffee the way I do, I use to take my french vanilla creamer with a little coffee, haha, then I had the change of my life and lost 100+lbs and decided that no sugar was better. I’m working on the half and half but what can I say I like my coffee creamy, its a problem really. Another problem is my mug obsession. I love cute, fun and LARGE coffee cups I collect them. Well now that I’ve spilled the coffee beans on me feel free to comment below and tell me how you take your coffee or if you have tried any lately that are just too good to not share.


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