Family Time In Las Vegas

So my husband had a business trip this last week and had to meet a client in Viva Las Vegas. Instead of staying home with the girls by myself and having Jon make a turn around trip, we decided to make it a mini family vacation. Jon went online to Expedia and found us a great rate at south point keeping in mind that I wanted something fun to do with our girls and south point has a large saltwater pool that’s great for small kids. We decided to leave late in the evening for Las Vegas so that my youngest child Hailey would sleep the whole time and not fuss which causes me anxiety.

It was a nice drive without any issues or panic attacks, yay and the room at south point was pretty nice too. Jon had a meeting the morning after we got in, at the coffee shop, however before his meeting he was sweet enough to help me find the pool and get us situated. Can I just say that I was forever changed by the large saltwater pool that the South Point has. My girls and I had a blast swimming and dancing to the music and I especially loved that they had a 1ft and 3ft section so that they could touch the bottom. After a while my sexy lover man (My Hubby) finished his meeting and joined us for the rest of the day. It was a nice relaxing trip after having a pretty low week.

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